In Nortemecanica we count on wide experienced staff to ensure the quality of the welding works, from the preparation and qualification of required procedures, till the welding execution itself and the inspection of the finished weld seams:

  • Technical staff qualified as "International/European Welding Engineer" and "International/European Welding Technologist" by the European Welding Federation (EWF).
  • Welders officially qualified in several processes (SAW, SMAW, GTAW, GMAW) as per different regulations (UNE-EN ISO 9606-1 y EN1418, AD-2000 Merkblatt and ASME Code).
  • Staff qualified for the execution of Non Destructive Tests (visual inspection, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant examination), homologated as Level II by the A.E.N.D. (Non Destructive Tests Spanish Association)

We work mainly with carbon steel and austenitic stainless steels, but also with alloys such as Duplex and SuperDuplex and aluminum.

As of production means, we have equipment for manual welding, semiautomatic welding and submerged arc welding (up to Ø4m) as well as orbital welding for piping up to Ø104mm and a welding robot (4.900 x 1.800 x 1.200 mm).

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